Dr. Shikishima
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Shikishima
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Elderly
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor Yasuaki Suzuki
Status Deceased

Dr. Shikishima was a scientist in the Saotome Institute who developed cloning through Getter Rays.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dr. Shikishima is an older man with a balding head with graying hairs, a couple malformations including a large right eye with some burns next to it, and a few metal plates on his body. He is always seen in a white lab coat along with pants, shoes, and a shirt underneath.

Shikishima has the mannerisms of an insane mad scientist with some amoral values, willing to sacrifice others to satisfy his scientific curiosity. However he is not heartless as he supports the opposition against the Invaders and even sacrificed himself to save the Getter Team, giving the future over to them.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Shikishima was a leading researcher in Getter Rays including how they can store information for the production of clones, a method later used by Dr. Saotome. He also develops weapons for the opposition forces.

History Edit

Dr. Shikishima was acquainted with Dr. Saotome before he was infected. He was one of the few scientists of the institute not infected by the Invaders and supported Hayato Jin's plans as they lined up with his interests. Years later, he would provide weapons for Hayato's troops as well as the new Getter Team. During the battle in the Tower, Dr. Shikishima made sure everyone escaped while he destroyed the Tower from the inside leaving the future to the Getter Team. Ramming the tower into the Shin Dragon as it exploded, Dr. Shikishima died inside the machine thrilled at the turn of events.

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