Dr. Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Saotome
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Active
Dr. Saotome is a scientist who was thought to have died many years ago, only to resurface years later and find pilots that have a strong connection to the Getter Rays to pilot a weapon he created to fight the Devolved beings, the Getter Robo. He is also the father of Tatsuhito and Michiru Saotome.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Saotome resembles his other counterparts, a stout man in his fifties with messy graying hair tied behind his head, a goatee, a rugged nose, and a piercing look. He is always seen with a lab coat worn over a suit with a tie, pants, and shoes.

Personality Edit

Dr. Saotome is a stern yet compassionate man who believes in the human will to overcome any obstacle. For most of his appearances, he is rather easygoing not being bothered by what obstacles appear. However, he is serious about facing the threat of the Devolved and getting the pilots ready to face them. He also has a sense of regret about leaving his children to their fates, blaming himself for the death of his son Tatsuhito and for bringing Michiru into the conflict. When speaking to the other pilots, he is patient with them while also using their inner most desires to drive them to fight against the Devolved. He also manages to have a stable relationship with his co-worker Dr. Shikishima, able to put his worrisome mind at ease.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Saotome is a scientist with a vast array of knowledge in the Getter Rays as well as robotics in creating the Getter Robo.

History Edit

Dr. Saotome was said to have died a long time ago along with his son Tatsuhito, leaving his daughter Michiru to attend school on a grant. He surfaced years later, allying himself with a few government agents with the coming threat of monsters called the Devolved. To combat the Devolved, Dr. Saotome used his ingenuity to create the Getter Robo and needed pilots who possessed a great connection to Getter Rays in order to pilot it. To do so he recruits: a boy who like him supposedly died, Musashi Tomoe; teenage revolutionist, Hayato Jin; and a depressed classmate of Michiru, Ryoma Nagare. Convincing them all to fight for their own futures, he mentors the three in their first battle while studying the Devolved and their capabilities.

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