Dr. Saotome
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Saotome
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Alive
Dr. Saotome is the director of the Saotome Getter Ray Research Institute; the father of Tatsuhito, Michiru, and Genki Saotome; and the creator of the Getter Robo and some of its later models. He serves as an adviser to the Getter Team while researching the Getter Rays in an obsessive fashion.


Dr. Saotome is a short and broadened bodied older man with short and somewhat messy gray hair. He is usually seen with a beard as an extended goatee. He is always seen in a white lab coat with a yellowish-brown shirt, navy blue tie, and gray pants. He also wears dark brown shoes.


Dr. Saotome is an intimidating man likened to a mad scientist willing to go to extremes to get what needs to be done. Despite this, he is far from heartless, having hope that things can be changed for the better.


As the director of the Saotome Institute, Dr. Saotome is the leading expert in Getter Rays and its properties including the production of the Getter Alloy and Getter Robo. With help and research, he was able to improve on the Getter robots that allow it to perform better functions and perform acts that seem almost physically impossible such as travel at high speeds.



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