Vital statistics
Title Dera
Gender Male
Race Mutant Dinosaur Person
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Chiryu Clan
Status Deceased
Dera was a Dinosaur Person who belonged to the Chiryu Clan, he took part in Neon's attack on the Saotome Institute.


Dera was a gecko-like creature that was slightly smaller than a human. He had bumped textured skin, long fingers and cybernetic legs. Across his back and tail was a gigantic blade.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dera was able to tunnel through ground quickly partly for the large razor sharp blade on his back that could also be used in combat. He had a high healing factor allowing him to survive simple gunshots but more powerful and modified weapons like the hand gun made by Dr. Shikishima could do a lot of damage to him and even kill him.


Dera was brutish and gleeful in killing humans, relying on many sneak tactics to fight.



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