Carter McDonald
Vital statistics
Title Carter McDonald
Gender Male
Race Oni
Age (Middle Aged)
Affiliation Andromeda Country
Hyakki Empire
Status Deceased
Carter McDonald is a scientist working for the Andromeda Country as well as the murderer of Takuma's mother. It was revealed near the end of his life that he and his colleagues are stragglers of the destroyed Hyakki Empire.

Appearance Edit

Carter McDonald resembles a middle-aged Caucasian American man at average height and build with wavy hair. He is usually seen in a white lab coat and when his death was imminent, Carter revealed an oni horn extruding out of his forehead.

Personality Edit

Carter McDonald remains loyal to the Hyakki Empire after its destruction and upon discovering the source of its upbringing in the Andromeda Country joined it out of loyalty. Carter became enamored by the nation's goals of wiping out any trace of Getter Ray weapons including destroying humanity given the Getter Rays apparent favoritism towards it. He is willing to go after potential threats including the young Takuma Nagare in order to prevent greater threats to his plans.

Abilities Edit

Carter led a group of scientists partly responsible for the construction and development of Andromeda Country's bio-weapons including the final product in the form of data, Bug. As an oni, he possessed higher physical capabilities than a normal human but never displayed them.

History Edit

Carter and his colleagues targeted Takuma Nagare given his father's closeness to Getter Rays. However Takuma's mother got in their way with her life lost in the process. After this, Takuma escaped swearing vengeance on Carter. Carter would turn up years later to oversee the attacks the bio-weapons would be involved in. By the time the Getter Team followed them into the future, Carter would accept his fate but not before giving Kamui Sho the plans for Bug seeing his own similar disgust towards Getter Rays' favoritism towards humanity. Takuma would then avenge his mother by killing Carter before destroying the rest of the ship.

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