Burai Full Shot Edit
Vital statistics
Title Burai
Gender Male
Race Invaders
Affiliation Invaders
Status Destroyed

Burai is an artificial life form created by the Invaders using the genes of Hayato Jin. He is the partner of Gore and is based on Emperor Burai from the Getter Robo G series.

Appearance Edit

Burai resembles a large humanoid with red colored skin, black markings, long white hair in a mane fashion, and large antler-like yellow horns growing out of his head.

Abilities Edit

Burai possesses psychic abilities allowing him to communicate with Gore over a distance, and use telekinesis. He is able to combine with Gore and the invader infected Newts to assume a larger form with his form serving as the upper body of the combined monstrosity. In this state, Burai is able to release a storm of energy at enemies.

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