Vital statistics
Title Bug
Gender Genderless
Race Super Robot
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Status Unknown

Bug was the ultimate weapon of the Andromeda Country and designed by survivors of the Hyakki Empire. While it was left incomplete during the fight against the Andromeda Country, the plans were given to Kamui Sho to complete with the technology of the Dinosaur Empire.


Bug was gigantic and made to vaguely mimic the Getter Robo Arc. It had a humanoid insect form and large shell-like armor with black markings crossing its entirety. It had large hands and a insect like mandible jaws.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Bug's powers are never fully revealed (not including the Anthology stories) but it said that it was the most powerful and deadly weapon ever designed by the Hyakki forces. Off screen it completely overwhelmed the Getter making it lose a limb.


Bug was in heavy development by the collaboration between the Andromeda Country and the remaining members of the Hyakki Empire. As the mothership was about to be destroyed, Carter McDonald entrusts Kamui with Bug's plans. After Kamui gains control of the Dinosaur Empire, he uses the Empire's resources to complete Bug and entered battle against the Getter. Overwhelming his opponent, the Getter Dragon in its evolved state appears to confront both robots.


  • Bug's name comes from the manga Seikun Taisen Freeda Bug by Ken Ishikawa and Kitaro, where Bug is a family with the ability to control powerful robots called Seikun.