Black Getter

The Black Getter, as seen in Getter Robo: Armageddon.

The Black Getter is a modified Getter-1 unit that first appeared in the OVA series Getter Robo Armageddon, and later appearing in video games starting with Getter Robo Daikessen and appearing in many of the Super Robot Wars franchise games. In most of its appearances, it is piloted by Ryoma Nagare.

Appearance Edit

Black Getter

The Black Getter, as depicted in Super Robot Wars Z2.

Although possessing the same overall body shape of a Getter-1 Unit, the Black Getter had several differences besides the aforementioned new black color. It displayed a redesigned knee armor, lacked the antennae usually seen under the ears, came equipped with a mouth guard acting as the hatch to the cockpit, and possessed pupils in its eyes, similar to those seen on Shin Getter Robo. All these new features gave the Black Getter an intimidating appearance, as well as the impression that it was alive.

History Edit

Following his 13 year Getter Ray-induced excursion across space and time, Ryoma awakens in the abandoned Getter Robot, discarded on a lunar base which had been deserted following the Moon Wars. After extensive modifications and repairs, Ryoma flies this machine back down to earth, where it acquires its signature black color scheme after the original paint job burned-up due to atmospheric re-entry.

Once on Earth, Ryoma would use the Black Getter to fight off the Invaders and the Metal Beasts as well as help the new Getter Team. However, the battle in the tower eventually left in unable to be used any further with the damage it sustained.


The Black Getter possesses the standard armaments of a Getter-1 unit, including the Getter Tomahawks, Getter Wing, and the Getter Beam. However, either through damage or intentional optimization, it only possesses one Getter Cutter on its left arm but gave it extended reach compared to earlier models. In addition, each fist is tipped with spikes which can be extended to pierce into Invaders with ease. Although not used in the series, the unit was equipped with a machine gun like every other Getter Unit, but this is only seen in Super Robot Wars Z3.

Video GalleryEdit

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