Benkei Kuruma (Daikessen!)
03. Benkei Kuruma-Profile
Vital statistics
Title Benkei Kuruma
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Status Alive
Benkei Kuruma is the new pilot for the aquatic and heavily armed based Getter Robo formation. Unlike his manga counterpart, he isn't so much of a replacement for Musashi, but instead a reinforcement for the Getter Team.


Benkei is a young man of similar build to Musashi but is more muscular. He has messy dark hair with busy eyebrows and sideburns and usually wears street clothing. His pilot suit consists of gear used by a baseball catcher including the protective vest and mask.


Benkei has a big heart and is generally happy go lucky, unless one of his friends is in danger and is willing to risk his life for them.


Benkei possesses a strong body to pilot a Getter Machine having trained in baseball to the very limits of the human body. He is also just as competent in combat as Ryoma or Musashi and has shown to hold himself in a fight.



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