Baku Yamagishi
Vital statistics
Title Baku Yamagishi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Young Adult)
Affiliation Getter Team,

Saotome Institute

Status Active

Baku Yamagishi is the younger brother of Messiah Tahir, a monk in his own right, and a companion of Takuma Nagare. He joined the Getter team as the pilot of the Getter hāṃ.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Baku is a large bodied young man with a shaved hairstyle and dresses similar to a Buddhist monk while wearing some modern clothing. After joining the Getter team, he wears the standard issue pilot suit provided by the Saotome Insititute while wearing a helmet similar to the one used by Dr. Saotome and Musashi Tomoe. Baku is seen as being mild mannered, not easily swayed by the turbulent events taking place.

Abilities Edit

Baku possesses a similar foresight power that is tied to the Getter Rays similar to his older brother, but is much weaker compared to him. He also possesses some skills in programming and hacking able to jury rig the Getter D2 for it to open. As a pilot Baku employs relative ease by piloting it due to his ties to the Getter Rays.

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