Ape People
Vital statistics
Title Ape People
Gender Presumably mixed
Race De-evolved human
Affiliation Musashi Tomoe (master)
Status Unknown

Ape People are devolved humans who were affected by the terraforming technology of the Dinosaur Empire.

Appearance and BehaviorEdit

The ape people resemble the depictions of ape men like bigfoot with hair covering most of their bodies, long jaws, and hunched up backs. Ape humans that still retain some intelligence also wear clothes and the ability to speak. Ape people that have fully succumbed to the devolution have not only lost their intelligence but also become more aggressive unless an alpha commands them not to do anything which can range from one of them or even a human who manages to overpower them.


Somewhere in the mountains, the Dinosaur Empire did terraforming experiments that made some of the local humans devolve into more ape-like forms. Ryoma Nagare encountered some of them and had to hide. Musashi Tomoe who was training in the mountains managed to become their alpha while some of them joined him and Ryoma in a Getter Machine. Afterwards, nothing is known what happened to that group or the rest of the Ape People.


  • Like many depictions of devolution, it is physically impossible to have lifeforms including humans devolve into earlier forms due to the genetic diversity of life after many generations.


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